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Call,anti-lost,SOS help--child GPS watch create a new market

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on :2016-11-22

Call,anti-lost,SOS help--child GPS watch create a new market


Children's GPS watch is a new product launched by Tymin Industries Limited. Our Child GPS watches are designed touch-screen models and non-touch models, the two performance, the difference is that the touch-screen and non-touch screen.Figure this pink children's GPS watches, with the installation of software, registered account, installed on the watch micro card, the watch can be used normally. Phone, watch time, set the alarm clock is the basic function.Parents with mobile phone APP GPS positioning on the watch, the map immediately a small red dot, if the parents set the watch can not exceed I am 50 meters .Then the watch of the child to go out, beyond the 50 meters, the parents of the mobile phone immediately sounded the alarm, this is anti-lost function .If the children, the old man accidentally lost, the parties can also press the SOS button, Will cycle call 3 family number, parents can also remotely shut down the phone at the same time calculate the number of steps to monitor sleep, statistical exercise, but also the unique features of this smart watch.

The current market, the introduction of a variety of phone watches, and our anti-lost children's GPS watch is a selling point, at the same time, its health function has also been sought after young people love sports, coupled with affordable, well-designed, Many young parents come to counseling to buy.