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Children 's safety education can not be ignored

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  • Release on :2016-11-21

Children 's safety education can not be ignored


Maoming Daily reported that the day before yesterday, 5-year-old boy Deng Chunhao crushed by a dump truck seriously injured coma, in the Maoming City People's Hospital to save a large number of "O-type" blood products, the news, the public donated blood donation to help this element Xiaochun Hao met, a wave of warmth in the surging city of Maoming, interpretation of the "one difficult P Plus support," the human love story.

Only 5-year-old child unfortunate occurrence of such a large car accident, suffered amputation surgery, watching really distressed. Children's life has just begun, life so long, how the road after the "line"? Fortunately, after the accident, there are many good people relay, so that the parents see Xiaochun Hao hope.

Everyone wants their children to grow up healthy and healthy, but the child was born, the danger also go hand in hand. Early childhood accidents are often due to the carelessness of adults caused.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to children's safety education, always put the child's safety in mind, we should instill a sense of security to their children from childhood: can not freely cross the road or playing on the road; not to the pond, rivers and lakes to play water ; Do not play with fire, electricity ... ... parents a little more careful, the child a little more security, will reduce unnecessary harm, let the child healthy and healthy growth.

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