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Cute GPS watch for kids

  • Author:tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on :2016-11-18

Tymin Industries Ltd. since its inception, is committed to achieving a better family life for you. Now their kids GPS watch product makes this faith come true more nearly.

Main function:

* GPS + base station + WiFi locating (WiFi locating hardware support)

* Mobile phone client or PC GPRS service platform, dual control

* GPRS real-time locating, tracking and monitoring

* Intercom

* Health

* Footprints

* Alarm clock

* Security zone

* SOS emergency alarm

* Watch removed alarm

* Low power alarm

* Remote shutdown

Main function:

* Three mode to location: GPS + BASE STATION + WIFI

* Mobile phone or Computer GPRS service platform, double contral model

* GPRS real-time location, tace, monitor

* The phone book

* Talkback

* Intercome

* Health

* Trace

* Watch alarm

* Safety alarm

* SOS emergency alert

* Watch remove alert

* Low power alarm

* Remote turn off

* Bumper Dating

* Seek the watch

Welcome to contact us if you have any interested in it.