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USB power strip will gradually replace the traditional outlet

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on :2016-11-23

USB power strip will gradually replace the traditional outlet


    USB power strip refers to the smart device design, with a USB interface can be directly charged for the smart device strip. Compared to the traditional national standard five-hole plug, USB power strip in appearance, performance, made more improvements, most of the smart plug-in traditional national standard five-hole jack and USB interface integration to enhance space utilization and work Efficiency, make it more in line with contemporary people's habits.

Compared to the ordinary row of plug, intelligent USB power strip can achieve automatic current shunt, charging speed, security and other aspects of a great upgrade.



* 4 outlets Surge Protector to prevent overloads

* 4 USB Charging ports

* Non-slip mat

* Color choice: Black or White

* Standard jack using a custom four groups with protective doors

* 750 ℃ high impedance internal combustion housing


* Power indicator: LED lights

* Power cord: UL

* Rated voltage: AC 125V

* Rated current:15A

* Rated power:1875w

* Workpiece Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

* Power cord length:1.8m

* Switch Type: Total control switch

* Operating temperature:-10℃- +40℃

* Storage temperature: -20℃- +50℃

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