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Why smart power strip become more and more popular for home and office use?

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on :2016-11-16

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more families to open a smart phone, smart TV, intelligent refrigerator, intelligent night light intelligent home life. These smart products are high technology content and expensive, so the requirements for its peripheral equipment is also very high, smart power strip is one of a row. With USB insert bits, it can be 180 degrees free rotation, high safety factor, intelligent protection of mobile phones, home appliances from damage and smart row inserted into the new darling of people both at home and office.

Smart power strip refers to the smart device design, with USB insert bits can be directly charged for the smart device row plugs.Compared to the traditional national standard five-hole plug, smart plug in appearance, performance, made more improvements. Most of the smart plug into the traditional national standard five-hole jack and USB interface integration, enhance space utilization and efficiency, making it more in line with contemporary people's habits, but not all with USB interface. For smart power strip, USB interface, charging technology needs to go through 3C technology certification, to meet the requirements of the charger GB 4943.1-2011. On the market there are some manufacturers to join the poor quality USB plug-ins as smart plug, there is a big security risk. Select the regular manufacturers of smart row on the safety of consumers more secure.

Smart power strip can appliance on such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, electronic watches, e-books, etc .; home improvement applications, such as wall plugs, power switches, power supplies, and so on; home appliances such as TV, Power timer and so on.

Smart power strip replace traditional power strip means that the user consumption upgrade, the user experience is far higher than the traditional power strip, it should be said that Smart power strip replace traditional power strip, has become a trend of intelligent industry.

Our new product: smart power strip is safety to use both in home and office.

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