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Desktop wireless GSM business phone with LCD display and hands free function(TM-X201)Desktop wireless GSM business phone with LCD display and hands free function(TM-X201)Desktop wireless GSM business phone with LCD display and hands free function(TM-X201)

Desktop wireless GSM business phone with LCD display and hands free function(TM-X201)

  • Model: TM-X201
  • Type: GSM Wireless Phone
  • Material: ABS mainly
  • Network: 2G/3G compatible
  • Color Available: Black, White, or Customized
  • Logo Printing: our logo "Tymin" or Customized



    This Desktop wireless GSM business phone for those people who want the standard look and feel of a traditional desktop office phone but with the functionality of a modern GSM mobile phone.

    The device has strong signal receiving, good call quality, long working hours, stable performance characteristics. It is widely used to carry out enterprise wireless access services; mobile office (such as large gatherings, the temporary office, etc.); remote mountain areas, ships, trains and other mobile carriers wireless calls business; and wireless  business desktop phone communications business.


* Caller ID display 

* Make and receive calls

* Speed dial buttons

* Auto-redial

* Hands free

* Emergency call

* Mute

*Call history, call waiting

*Call transfer, call forwarding

*Call conference





TM-X201 (2)

TM-X201 (5)

TM-X201 (8)


Brief Instruction

1.Keys location



2Menu key   

3up&down key    

4Send key    

5numerical keys    

6Contact key    

7Redial key    

8Cancel key



11hands free key


Before putting into use, make sure the plug or battery is connected correctly and the SIM card has been inserted correctly, waiting for the phone been turned on, then you can use.

Warning: Before pulling out SIM card, phone should be power off. Inserting or pulling out SIM card is not allowed absolutely when external power is connected; otherwise, SIM card maybe damaged. Please avoid touching the Metal surface of SIM card and place the SIM card far away from the electric and magnetic area to prevent the information in SIM card from being lost or damaged.

3Input methods

There are many inputting methods: en, EN, abc, ABC, 123 etc.

Press [#] key, you can switch inputting methods.

Press [*] key, you can input special symbols.

Press [0] key, you can input blank. (In the en, EN, Abc, abc, ABC input method).

Press [0] to [9] key to input relevant letters or numbers; For example, the numerical [2] key prints “A”, “B”,”C”, in the abc inputting method, press key [2] once, it will display “a”; press key [2] twice, it will display “b”; press key [2] three times, it will display “c”.


4Technical Specifications

4.1 Working conditions


Environment Temperature




Air Pressure 



5、Common problems and causes



Malfunction phenomenon


Possible Cause


Can not turn on


1. Battery is not installed

2. Battery is low power and power adapter does not connect


PIN code error


1. Insert wrong SIM card

2. SIM card has been locked, professional officer is needed to initialize the phone


Fall line in communication


1. Battery is weak

2. Signal strength is weak


Low level Volume


Under talking status, press up/ down key to adjust volume






Quantity (pc)

main unit




Spiral cord


Power adapter


User manual









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