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Tymin Industries Limited
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Very convenient wireless intercom phone call slimline telephone

  • Autor:Tyminphone
  • Solte em:2016-11-29

High Quality OEM Trimline Analog Phone, Desk Wired Phone with most competitive price. 
Our Quality Management System is in conformity with (GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008).


Desk or Wall Mount Trimline Analog Phone with Shiny Surface 


1. Desk / Wall Mountable. 
2. The last number redial. 
3. Ringer LED light indicator. 
4. Mute & Pause function. 
5. Flash function.(Flash time can be 100ms/300ms/600ms optional)
6. Optional: Mechanical keypad lock with 3 levels: open, lock "0" or full lock.
7. Super thunder protection and anti-electromagnetic interference.
9. Optional functions: Ringer volume switch ( High, Low and Off), LED key pad, Pulse / Tone Switchable, hearing aid compatible function and so on.

Tymin Industries Limited founded in 2003, is a leading telecommunication products manufacturer and OEM/ODM electronic products manufacturer in China. Our main products are corded hotelphones, SOS emregency phone, slim phone, call blocker, key finder, fixed wireless phone and GPS tracker. Making communication simpler, safer and healthier is our mission!


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