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Hotel telephone is specially designed for the hotel high-quality telephone, because it is easy to use, professional hotel tailored, and without reference to the characteristics of any information that allows customers to make more simple phone calls, but also So that guests can quickly and easily understand and use the hotel's services and catering, leisure, conference facilities, but also enhance the image of the hotel and brand loyalty. As a result, an increasing number of hotels and management groups have embraced the need for the hotel's high-quality hotel-specific telephones.

Hotel telephone generally has the following characteristics:

1, large panels - to enhance the hotel image: a large panel can be printed hotel logo, telephone use guide, PTT logo.
2, a push-button - easy to use: no manual, a key-speed dial button (can be used to store the hotel service number).
3, message light - message prompt light: a message prompted the guests to listen to.
4, data port - used to connect telephone extensions, fax machines and so on.
5, strong and durable: durable design, the use of high-quality raw materials, shell wear-resistant drop.
6, stylish, elegant, beautiful and generous.

Tymin Industries Limited founded in 2003, is a leading telecommunication products manufacturer and OEM/ODM electronic products manufacturer in China. Our main products are corded phones, SOS emergency phone, call blocker, key finder, fixed wireless phone and GPS tracker. Making communication simpler, safer and healthier is our mission! The following images is part of our company's products. For more details for our products, please just feel free to contact us