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Iphone will transfer it production to USA?

  • Release op:2016-11-19

Iphone will transfer it production to USA?

Foxconn has been considered transfer the production line of Iphone to America, before Trump came to power.

Apple group asked two major OEM manufacturers Heshuo and Foxconn to produce Iphone in the United States. Foxconn has prepared a adjustment plan. But consider the cost Heshuo refused to draft such a plan.

If so, the manufacture cost will increase 100% after the production line transfer to America local. However, more than half of Foxconn sales are from Apple, Taiwan's Apple supply chain industry has a view, Trump may push Apple to a certain amount of iPhone parts back to the US domestic production.  

According to research firm IHS estimates, a 32G memory iPhone7 in the United States is priced at $ 649, if the purchase of spare parts self-assembly, the cost as long as $ 224.80, which includes 5 dollars in assembly costs. 

In January this year, Trump said: "We want Apple to put computers and other products in this country, not other countries." He has been elected more than once after the news spread Apple will be affected.

Recently, Global Times commented that if Trump to impose a tariff of 45% of Chinese goods, will lead to paralysis of Sino-US trade, when US sales of goods will be affected by the setback, iPhone, "almost to be crowded away."

    Economists expect Trump to impose high tariffs on Chinese goods may lead to electronic product prices.

    Tariffs are imposed on wholesale prices, so a $ 1,000 computer might have a value of $ 500 or less into an airport wholesaler," said Paul Wachtel, a professor of economics at Stern School of Business at New York University.

This means that the unit price of iPhone may rise as much as $ 97 tariffs, but in most cases, price increases will not be so much. It is estimated that iPhone will be about 50 US dollars tariffs.

However, Trump's adviser Wibur Ross recently told the media: "trade war will not happen." He pointed out that Trump in the election campaign to impose tariffs on Chinese imports 45% of the views of the public misunderstanding. This is only the bargaining chip.

 "The US is likely to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports only if the yuan is undervalued by 45%," the IMF said, adding that the renminbi is "reasonably priced."

How every, at 17th Nov, all raw materials price was increase 5-10%. And America Customs will charge import tax for corded telephone, fixed-line phone which export from China to protect Americas benefit