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Lost and found wallet facts from key finder

Lost and found wallet facts from key finder

Tyminphone www.tyminphone.com 2016-11-12 12:54:05

Losing your wallet can be devastating. Right away you feel it when you realize your cash is gone, and then you face the hassle of long lines and lost time to replace all your cards and ID. And then of course, the biggest, hardest losses are the most-sentimental ones. Those irreplaceable mementos — like the ticket stub from your favorite band in-concert, the photobooth images from the night you met your wife, or the lucky poker chip from that big weekend in Vegas. 

All of us here at Tile have been there before, too, so we understand just how traumatic losing your wallet can be. We looked into how frequently people actually lose their wallets and how long it takes to recover them using Tile. 

As it turns out, wallets go missing pretty often. 

Of the people who have a key finder in their wallet, 70% of them lose their wallets at least once a year. That’s a lot of lost stuff. The good news? Our data also showed that those same people are able to locate their misplaced wallet within 30 seconds of ringing it with their Tile app. 

Curious to see what lost and found wallet activity looks like in the bustling metropolises in our community, we compared data from New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. L.A. took first prize with 67% of key finderwallets going missing in a single year, followed by N.Y. at 60% and S.F. at 55%. 

The moral of the story? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Protect your wallet. Tile Slim’s super-thin profile slides perfectly into any wallet or purse. And just like that, that special, lucky, or irreplaceable memory is that much safer.




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