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Telephone Herald (Newark, New Jersey and Portland, Oregon, U.S.)

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Main article: United States Telephone Herald Company

The United States Telephone Herald Company was founded in 1909, to act as the parent corporation
for regional Telephone Herald systems established throughout the United States, with "the parent
company to receive a royalty on every instrument installed". (In some cases the service was also
referred to as the "telectrophone".) At least a dozenassociate companies were chartered, with public-
ity for these services commonly stating that subscriptions would cost 5 cents a day, but only two syste-
ms ever went into comme-rcial operation — one based in Newark, New Jersey (New Jersey Telephone
Herald, 1911-1912) and the other in Portland, Oregon (Oregon Telephone Herald, 1912-1913).
Moreover, both of these systems were shut down after operating for only a short time, due to economic
and technical issues.
New Jersey Telephone Herald (Newark, 1912)

Following a visit to Hungary, Cornelius Balassa procured the U.S. patent rights to the technology used by
the Budapest
Electrophone. (Later reports state that the company also held the rights for Canada and
Great Britain.) The parent company, announced in October 1909, was organized by Manley M. Gillam,
and initially operated under a New York state charter as the "Telephone Newspaper Company of Amer
ica". This was reorganized as the "United States Telephone Herald Company" in March 1910, now ope-
rating under a Delaware corp-oration charter.
An initial transmission demonstration was given at the com-
pany headquarters,located at 110 West Thirty-fourth Street in New York City, in early September 1910.

Of the two Telephone Herald affiliates which launched commercial services, the New Jersey Telephone He
rald, incorporated in October 1910 in Newark, New Jersey, was both the first and most publicized. On
October 24, 1911 an ambitious daily service, closely patterned after the
Electrophone, was launched
to a reported fifty receivers located in a department storewaiting room, plus five hundred Newark
homes. The company's central offices, studio, and switch rooms were located in the Essex Building
on Clinton Street in Newark. Condit S. Atkinson, who had extensive newspaper experience, headed
the service's news department.

The company reported that there were many persons eager to sign up, and it soon had more potential sub
scribers than could be supported. However, the service quickly ran into serious technical and financial
difficulties, which resulted in employees walking off the job due to missed paychecks, and operations
were suspended in late February 1912.
A fresh source of funding resulted in a temporary revival in late
May, with C. S. Atkinson renewing his editor functions. However, continuing problems resulted in the
transmissions permanently ceasing by December 1912.
Following the termination of operations, the New
Jersey Telephone Herald's business charter was declared null and void on January 18, 1916.

Oregon Telephone Herald (Portland, 1913)

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