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Musolaphone (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.)

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Musolaphone (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.)

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John J. Comer, inventor, demonstrating the Chicago Owl Phone transmission equipment (1914)

The Owl Phone (also marketed as the multi mosque) was developed by the Automatic Electric Company of Chicago, Illinois to use its "Automatic Enunciator" loudspeakers to transmit entertainment over telephone lines to subscribing homes and businesses. In 1910 the Automatic Electric Company announced its new loudspeaker, with uses including: "An automatic enunciator, by which a man talking in New York can be heard in every part of a large room in Chicago... may make it possible for a public speaker to address a million or more people at one time... Running descriptions of baseball games, or prize fights can be sent over long distances for the entertainment of sporting fans of all varieties."

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