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Nearly half people received 2-3 spam messages or harassing calls every day

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on:2016-11-21

Nearly half people received 2-3 spam messages or harassing calls every day


11.21 TechWeb Report
hina Youth Politics Institute of the Internet and the cover of the rule of law research center jointly issued the first study based on millions of survey "China's personal information security and privacy protection report."

    The report shows that over 70% of respondents believe that personal information leaks are serious: 26% of people receive 2-3 or even more spam messages every day; 20% of people receive 2-3 or more per day harassment Telephone; as many as 81% of the participating surveyers have known the other side to know their names or units of personal information strange calls; 53% of people because of Web search, browse the disclosure of personal information by certain types of advertising continued harassment; , Car and other information leaked by marketing harassment or fraud up to 36% and so on.

    Questionnaire survey shows that in daily life, a copy of documents, express delivery and mobile phone is an important carrier of personal information leakage. Up to 55% of the people to copy documents to the relevant agencies, never indicate the purpose; 47% of the research participants often write personal information express a single direct throw away without treatment. More than 27% of people in the disabled, cancel mobile phone number, or even not to the bank, Alipay, websites and other changes binding mobile phone number.

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