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New company opened for further development

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on:2016-10-28

Today is a big important days for us to celebrate together.

We are very happy that have many business partners to visit our new company.

First, let me express warmest thanks and welcome our business partners from China, all joining us on this great occasion- the inauguration of “恒泰康医疗科技有限公司” corporation’s Shenzhen plant, we appreciate your interest and time.

The day marks a new beginning for “恒泰康医疗科技有限公司”  in China, even though we have been active in the Chinese market for more than 13 years, very early on, we realized the unprecedented opportunity in the vast Chinese market, Especially so in munufacturing as China’s development opened up it’s economy to the outside world.

In the 21st century, people's health is more and more seriously.

Our business has grown dramatically, About Tymin Industries Limited, first thought sales representative offices,and later, with the establishment of our first telephone factory in Shenzhen. then establishment of our second company on 2015 years.

Now, we are there to celebrate the opening of third company “恒泰康医疗科技有限公司” in Shenzhen, our supporting staff, and onsite engineers, have kept pace with this rapid expansion to create the foundation of very capable team in China, in reaching the milestone we are marking today!



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