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Stolen iPhone recovered with Tile: Pizza Boy Caught

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on:2016-11-08

Thieves are bold. And Tile just helped catch one of them as they stole a customer's iPhone! 

Our customer Chris, ordered a pizza for delivery and ended up being a victim of theft. The pizza delivery boy stole our customer's phone when he momentarily went to go grab his wallet.  In the few seconds his back was turned, the delivery boy grabbed the customer's phone & put it in his pocket.  

Chris, our customer, paid the delivery boy & then noticed that his phone was missing.  He asked the delivery boy to help him look. The delivery boy even had the guts to get on the floor & help the customer briefly look around before he tried to excuse himself for a slick getaway. That's when Chris pulled out his keys & reverse rung his phone - thus catching the thief red handed! 

"So I grabbed my car keys with the fabulous Tile attached, pushed the button. and you should’ve seen the look on that pizza boy’s face when that wonderful Tile melody started playing from his right front pocket.

I told him “give me my phone and get out before I call the police”.

In the last month we've had several customers write in telling us that Tile had helped them stop a crime in real time.  One of the lessons learned here is that technology can help us search for things even with all our senses are totally blind.  Sometimes we cannot see something right in front of our face, and other times we cannot see past a lie.  Whether you've had your wallet stolen on a train or you simply can't remember where you left your purse, Tile can help. 

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