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Telephone Herald, Main article: Telephone Herald- Tymin telephone

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  • Release on:2016-10-10

   The Herald Telephone — Italian for "Telephone Herald" — licensed the technology used by the electrophone for use throughout Italy. Luigi Ranieri, an Italian engineer who represented the Construction Mechanical Escher Wyss and Company of Zurich, Switzerland, applied for permission to install systems in Rome, Milan, and Naples. In August 1909 the Italian government authorized a Rome operation,which began service the next year, with a schedule similar to the Telephone Newsletter.

   The Rome system surpassed 1,300 subscribers by 1914, but suspended operations in 1916 due to World War! The Rome facility was relaunched in 1922. It was joined by systems in the city of Milan, plus, in late 1921, in Bologna—this last system surviced until 1943. Beginning in 1923 a Rome radio station, "Radio Herald", was added. In 1924 Radio Herald joined with additional private Italian companies to form the radio broadcasting company Italian Radio Union (URI); in 1928 the URI became Ente Italiano per le Audizioni Radiofoniche (EIAR), and finally, in 1944, Radio  Auditions Italian.

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