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Tymin New Arrival 2 Line Corded Telephone designed only for YOU!

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on:2016-11-09

Have you ever tired of the corded Telephones without Caller ID which can not be seen the incoming numbers? Have you been hard to read the numbers display on the Caller ID when you are sitting at my desk? Have you ever miss the important calls when you are in the call with someone?...... Please do not worry that we here design 2-Line phones for you to solve the above problems.

Here I will give a short introduction for this model of our Caller ID TWO line telephone, they have following important features:

1) Three Party Conversation

When the two parties call, the user can call the third party without interrupting the call, so that the three parties can talk at the same time, but the other two parties hang up does not affect the calling party's conversation with the other party.

2) 8 one-touch memories

The user can store 8 different numbers for speed dial.

3) Speakerphone for Hands-free function

When the user is busy for work or do not pick up handset, he can communicate with someone in hands-free status.

4) LCD angle adjustable

The user can adjust the angle for the LCD, there are totally THREE adjustment for the angle, easy to read th e LCD display when sitting at your desk.

This model of Landline Telephone with 2 line is best choice for Office, home as well as Hotel.