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What is DECT Technology for a Wireless Telephone Extension?

  • Author:Tyminphone
  • Source:www.tyminphone.com
  • Release on:2016-11-07

Digitally Enhanced (European) Cordless Telecommunications or (DECT) is a European digital communication standard replacing earlier cordless phone standards in use, like CT1 and CT2. It has since been adapted the world over. There was a slight delay in adapting this system in the USA because of the frequency regulations and DECT has modified frequency keeping the technology same to come out with DECT 6.0, which universally replaced digital communications standards in most countries. One of the features of this technology is interference–free wireless operations.

The wireless telephone extension adapts this technology to provide wire free solutions in making a telephone socket out of any electrical socket. Earlier installing a phone socket was not without its hassles. Either it was wires strewn about the house ruining the aesthetics of the house or else it required a costly installation process requiring professional help.

The wireless telephone extension is a plug and play option which is completely portable and can be used at multiple points as and when needed. Apart from the telephones this extension is also compatible with PCs faxes and set top boxes. There is a switch with a C and S denoting Computer and Speech and you need to make the necessary changes depending on your application. The data conversion speeds are however not great but a manageable 56kbits capable of handling most data work.

It is a very simple and affordable way to install extra telephone sockets wherever (as long as there is a electrical plug and it is within 50M of the base unit) whenever (completely portable). Your garden shed, your attic, your guest bedroom or even a spare bedroom you want to convert into a workstation can now be equipped with a telephone connection without either calling an electrician or weaving through a tangled web of wires around the house.

Today in a technological driven world wires would seem out of place when almost all your devices are wireless. However most homes weren’t built in anticipation of today’s modern technological needs and trends, and usually have limited telephone sockets, in most cases a single telephone socket. On the other hand most communication devices (phones, computers, printers with built in fax, set top boxes, or the latest Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP analog telephone adapters) all require a telephone connection.You can’t do without technology but you can certainly do away with the hassles and mess required to install these gadgets.

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