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why do I support Trump ?

  • Author:Tyminphone
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  • Release on:2016-11-11

Local time November 11, 2016, New York, since Trump was elected president of the United States after the protest throughout the protest, a large number of New Yorkers gathered in the streets of Trump to express their dissatisfaction with the election.

Trump has said that Mexican illegal immigrants are drug traffickers and rapists, the United States should build the Great Wall to encircle them out. But it is not too extreme for the strict protection of US border security. First of all, it is very much in line with the real interests of many poor Americans, especially legal immigrants (some studies show that illegal immigrants did not take away the work of local residents but took away legal immigrants with the language of the work).

Trump said in the debate that while he was opposed to abortion, Planned Parenthood "did a good job." A normal-minded American is likely to oppose abortion for religious reasons or ethical standards, but in the eyes of some wanton reporters, Trump is not compromising someone who supports abortion, but is not only in line with his own political views, Willing to cooperate with the party for the purpose of anti-abortion open-minded nonsense institutionalist.

Legal immigrants, middle-class legal supporters, normal-minded conservatives, and ordinary workers who are increasingly embarrassed. According to the information they get, they think independently, they will be most concerned about the topic of some simple intuitive judgment. Their judgments are Trump with eye-catching way to say it. I repeat - these people have important social issues of concern to them, they use their side or see the reality of the news, I said with the ideas and the Americans often think of these three topics, they reach a conclusion and Like the candidates, so they support the candidate.

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